FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good fishing

Factory trawler Örfirisey RE is now fishing off the Westfjords and has been there for the last week. In the previous trip the catch was approximately 600 tonnes, and as well as the H&G fish and frozen fillets, more than 100 tonnes of frozen heads were landed to be dried or for export.

The skipper for the trip was Símon Jónsson, and he said that the frozen cod and saithe heads are either dried ashore or are exported as frozen goods. The frozen redfish heads are exported frozen, and he added that these are used as bait for crab fishing with traps.

The last trip took four weeks and took them to different fishing grounds.

‘We started on redfish on the south-western grounds and then shifted north and east. The rest of the catch was mainly cod and saithe, and we had no problems chasing saithe, especially off the Westfjords,’ Símon Jónsson said, and didn’t want to  make too much of the fact that November’s weather has been among the worst that anyone can remember at this time of year.

‘The low pressure systems come and go, and there are times when you have to stop fishing and seek shelter for a while. But it wasn’t any worse than a normal November,’ he said.