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New roe dryer brings big advantages

A new machine for drying capelin roe before packing is ready to be taken into operation by HB Grandi for the approaching capelin season. The roe dryer is the result of co-operation between HB Grandi and Skaginn, who produced the equipment.

Up to now, capelin roe has been dried in tubs, which is an expensive process as it requires a large number of tubs. As capelin roe is the single most valuable seafood product in Iceland, the importance of this machine is considerable. As capelin roe is consumed uncooked, freshness and quality are key factors in marketing this product.

According to Jónmundur Ingólfsson at Skaginn, the capelin roe dryer is now fully developed and the results have been examined in detail by experts both at HB Grandi and at Matís ohf. He says that the results have been very positive and the introduction of this method of drying capelin roe will bring about great improvements in capelin roe production.

The machine can produce around 150 tonnes of product ready for packing in 24 hours.

‘As well as improving roe quality, we no longer need to use plastic tubs in capelin roe production. We will be able to achieve a much fresher product than with conventional production as we save a full 24 hours in the production cycle. This can make a big difference for producers that are not close to fishing grounds when the capelin are roe bearing, such as HB Grandi’s production plant in Vopnafjördur,’ says Jónmundur Ingólfsson.
He said that he would like to thank HB Grandi staff who brought their enthusiasm and expertise to the roe dryer’s development process at Skaginn. He mentioned in particular Gísli Sigmarsson of HB Grandi in Vopnafjördur and Gunnar Hermannsson of the company’s Akranes production plant