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Making progress in Vopnafjördur

Work on HB Grandi’s new fish meal production facility in Vopnafjördur is progressing well and are on schedule, according to factory manager Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson.

Around half of the concrete factory floor has completed and the first trucks bringing the steel frame of the building are expected in Vopnafjördur at the end of the week.

‘The plan is to finish concreting the factory floor on Friday, but this was postponed due to rain and the forecast wasn’t favourable. But then fortunately the wind shifted to a north-easterly, which is a direction that doesn’t bring rain here. Now work is going at full speed and hopefully we’ll have this done over the weekend,’ Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson said. He commented that the factory floor covers 1200 square metres. Work on the area that will contain the control room, offices, laboratory and staff areas is already close to being finished.

‘Now we are setting up the steel frames for the service building that will be above the meal tanks and after the weekend we’re scheduled to start on the framework of the factory itself. At the same time, we’ll be installing a lot of the heavy equipment that came here from the Faxamjöl factory in Reykjavík,’ Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson said.

Hedinn hf is managing the project in Vopnafjördur on HB Grandi’s behalf and there are many sub-contractors, including local companies Mælifell ehf, which is handling the concrete work and ES Vinnuvélar, which has carried out all of the earth moving work on the site.