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Trawler catches worth ISK9.30 billion

HB Grandi’s trawlers have fished well over the last year. Catches came to a total of 47,700 tonnes, with a catch value of ISK9.30 billion, according to Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson, operations manager of the company’s trawlers. By comparison, this year’s catches are slightly better than the 2008 landings, when the trawlers accounted for catches totalling 47,160 tonnes. Catch values are up by ISK2.20 billion, an increase of 30.70% between 2008 and 2009.

HB Grandi operates five factory freezer trawlers and three fresher trawlers. This year the freezer vessels caught 31,900 tonnes, with a catch value of ISK7.50 billion The fresher trawlers caught 15,800 tonnes, valued at ISK1.827 million.

Catches and catch values for individual vessels are as follows:

Catch value (FOB) in ISK millionsCatch in tonnes
Factory freezer trawlers
Höfrungur III AK 2501.4255.666
Helga María AK 161.4866.401
Therney RE 1011.5066.745
Örfirisey RE 41.5396.584
Venus HF 5191.5266.499
Fresher trawlers
Ásbjörn RE 506385.541
Ottó N. Thorláksson RE 2036785.960
Sturlaugur H. Bödvarsson AK 105114.300