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Dodging bad weather west of Gardskagi

Two of HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels, Víkingur AK and Ingunn AK, are at the quayside at Akranes. Lundey NS has sailed from Vopnafjördur for capelin fishing grounds to the south and the crew of Faxi RE are dodging into bad weather west of Gardskagi, waiting for the weather to moderate or for the call to steam for Akranes to land.

‘We got here at 1600 yesterday and managed three shots before the weather closed in. We have around 800 tonnes on board and we’re part of a group dodging the weather here to the west of Gardskagi. There’s no point trying south of the Reykjanes peninsula,as the wind is south-easterly so things are probably worse there than they are here,’ said Faxi’s skipper Albert Sveinsson.

He said that it makes little difference for the RSW vessels that can chill their catches on board whether they wait for the storm to die away or steam for home. Faxi does not have full tanks yet, but Albert Sveinsson said that if Ingunn has finished discharging its fish before the weather becomes good enough for fishing, then they are only two hours from Akranes to start landing.

Albert Sveinsson said that the fish at the head of the capelin migration is now somewhere north-west of Reykjanes. It is clear that there are substantial volumes of capelin south of Iceland, but the question is whether or not this the same fish that had been seen north of Iceland a few days previously. Some skippers are of the opinion that this capelin spawns there and does not follow the accepted migration route east, south and west around Iceland.