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Environmentally friendly meal production to start in Vopnafjördur

HB Grandi took a big step into the future at the end of last week when a new electrically powered system (electric/steam boiler) was test-run for the first time at the company’s fishmeal production facility. From now on, locally-produced electric power will be used to run the plant instead of the heavy oil burned to provide power in the past.

‘This is remarkable progress. It’s not just that our power costs will be reduced by doing this, but we will also reduce significantly emissions of greenhouse gases in our meal and oil production. In the last few years we have consumed 3.30 million litres of heavy fuel every year to power production, with the accompanying release of emissions. Now these emissions are no longer a problem,’ said Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, head of HB Grandi’s pelagic division.

Blue whiting production ended at Vopnafjördur last Sunday when the last day of production was used to test the new equipment. But there could still be a delay before full production of fishmeal and fish oil using domestic power supplies can commence. Two of the company’s pelagic vessels, Ingunn AK and Faxi RE are now engaged in experimental fishing for lantern fish. By this morning, they had not seen fish in catchable quantities after having searched as far south as 59° and are now working back northwards. Fishing on the Atlanto-Scandian herring is set to begin next month.