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Örfirisey to tow twin rig trawls

Stern trawler Örfirisey has become a familiar sight on the Stálsmidjan slipways in Reykjavík for the last six weeks, but the ship’s extensive refit is now finished and Örfirisey is back in the water. This refit included installing an additional trawl winch to allow Örfirisey to tow two trawls side-by-side at the same time.

According to HB Grandi fleet manager Rúnar Thór Stefánsson, the refit has been successful and completed according to schedule. The new winch is an electric Ibercisa model, installed by technicians from Framtak, and it was also necessary to change all of the blocks and cable runs to suit the new winch arrangement. As part of the refit, a new rudder was fitted, a new heading machine and a new freezer were added to the factory deck, and the wheelhouse and galley were refurbished.

Örfirisey is scheduled to resume fishing shortly, first on groundfish in home waters and then on pelagic redfish on the Reykjanes Ridge.