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HB Grandi fleet with 42,653 cod-equivalent tonne quota

According to the distribution of quotas by the Directorate of Fisheries for the 2013-14 quota year, the HB Grandi fleet has a quota of 42,653 cod-equivalent tonnes. A total of 381,431 tonnes were allocated this time and HB Grandi has an 11.20% share. Most allocations are in weights of gutted fish.

The total cod quota increases by 14,000 tonnes to 171,000 tonnes of gutted fish. The quota for golden redfish has been increased by 6,000 tonnes to around 50,000 tonnes and the saithe allocation is increased by 3,000 tonnes to 44,000 tonnes of gutted fish. The initial herring allocation is a 16,000 tonne increase to 79,000 tonnes.

Quota is allocated for the first time this year for three species, blue ling, silver smelt and little redfish. Initial quotas are allocated for only 80% of TACs. The remainder will be allocated as operators with track records on these species have the opportunity to raise the issue. The Directorate also mentions that quotas for shared stocks will be allocated later in the year which is not unusual for pelagic species. For this reason the quotas allocated to various vessels and ports and their respective proportions are all subject to change as these quotas are allocated later in the quota year.