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Helga María lands last frozen cargo

Last wednesday saw the last cargo of frozen products landed into HB Grandi’s new Ísbjörninn cold store at Nordurgardur. The fish was landed from freezer trawler Helga María AK, finishing its last trip as a freezer before being steamed to a Polish shipyard to be refitted as a fresher trawler, ending a 25-year career as a freezer.

According to Steindór Sverrisson, in charge of operating HB Grandi’s freezer fleet, Helga María landed 8000 cartons, equivalent to 190 tonnes of 275 tonnes of raw material. Most of the catch was cod, as well as some Greenland halibut, redfish and smaller amounts of other species.

‘We started landing at midday and finished the next morning. The new cold store certainly makes a huge difference when we need to land fish.Everything goes straight into the grading area and once it has been sorted and stacked, it goes into cold storage. In August we expect to have a new packing line in place that will handle the pallets and wrap them in plastic,’ Steindór Sverrisson said.

Helga María is due to sail next weekend and the refit is expected to take four months. After the refit, there will be space for 640 tubs of fish in the fishroom capable of holding 180 tonnes of fish. The handling deck will also have chilled facilities for 50 tubs of liver and other by-products.