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Eighth time at Brussels for HB Grandi

Around thirty Icelandic companies and organisations will be taking part in the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels this year from the 24th to the 26th of April. These include HB Grandi, which has exhibited at the specialist seafood exhibition every year since 2005. This makes it the eighth time that HB Grandi has taken to opportunity to present its activities and products at Brussels.

Promote Iceland has put its back into organising the participation of most of the Icelandic companies taking part and in fact there are two events taking place. The first is the European Seafood Exposition, which presents seafood products, while the sister event is Seafood Processing Europe, intended for companies that provide processing equipment or services. As can be seen on Promote Iceland’s web page, Icelandic companies will be present on national stands at both events. It has become an accepted fact that these two events are the largest and most important of their kind anywhere for seafood producing companies and those who provide services for the seafood industry, as something like 30,000 representatives of companies likely to invest in products and equipment from all over the world are set to be present.

According to HB Grandi marketing director Svavar Svavarsson, the company’s preparations for Brussels are practically complete.

‘We will have at stand at the usual place (839-1) in Hall 6 in the showcase area that Promote Iceland has and we expect to have a similar presence to that of previous years. We can expect a great many visitors to our stand over the three days, both from our established customers as well as from interested parties who could be our future customers. In the past we have established new trading partnerships that have arisen from contacts at the Brussels exhibition, and this event is simply the best and most effective one of its kind anywhere,’ Svavar Svavarsson said, commenting that as a mark of how seriously the company takes Brussels, HB Grandi expects to have fifteen of its staff there for the full three days