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Silos lifted ashore at Vopnafjördur

The tug and barge chartered to ship ten fish meal silos and associated equipment from Reykjavík to Vopnafjördur arrived there late on Sunday evening. Unloading the barge began on Monday morning and the ten 22 metre high silos were all ashore by the end of the day.

‘The trip went exactly as planned. The team from Hédinn and the tug’s Norwegian crew have finished lifting the other equipment ashore and we’ll take the silos this afternoon,’ said factory manager Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson when we spoke to him at midday on Monday.

Extensive preparations had been made for the barge’s arrival, with two huge cranes brought in, one from Egilsstadir and the other from Reykjavík. According to Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson, the silos were to be lifted directly onto their new foundations and this was expected to be complete by late on Monday evening.

‘We plan for the fishmeal factory here to be complete and ready for full production by the beginning of next year,’ he said.
Progress at Vopnafjördur can be followed on the webcam overlooking the harbour, at