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First herring to Vopnafjördur

HB Grandi's fishmeal production plant in Vopnafjördur yesterday took delivery of 1100 tonnes of herring from Ingunn AK. These catches were taken by Ingunn and Faxi RE, which have been pelagic pair trawling for herring. Factory manager Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson says that the herring is good quality, although it contains some feed.
'The herring has a higher fat content than I had expected. We sent samples to Matís this morning for the fat content to be analysed and should hopefully have the results before the end of the week,' he says, adding that around 35% of the landing was mackerel.
'This is excellent mackerel in good condition. In my opinion, if we could keep the mackerel separate from the herring and chill it well, it should certainly be possible to put this into freezing."
Meal production from Ingunn's landing should be complete tonight, as the plant has a 650-700 tonne per day capacity.
Ingunn was back on the fishing grounds last night and Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson says that Ingunn and Faxi began fishing in the Rose Garden area, about 140 miles from Vopnafjördur. Weather was poor last night, but calmed this morning to fine fishing weather later in the day.