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Busy port at Vopnafjördur

Vopnafjördur’s harbour has been busy for the last week  with around 3700 tonnes of seafood products shipped out by HB Grandi. Three freighters called at Vopnafjördur to take on cargoes of frozen herring products, fishmeal and fish oil. At the same time Faxi RE and Ingunn AK were in port with catch of herring.

According to Gardar Svavarsson, HB Grandi’s sales manager in charge of meal and oil sales, a total of 1100 tonnes of fishmeal and 2000 tonnes of fish oil were shipped out last Tuesday. The meal was loaded on board MV Grinna and the oil was taken on by tanker West Stream. HB Grandi’s meal and oil shipments in July and August are worth approximately 1500 million ISK and Gardar Svavarsson says that sales have been going very well this summer.

‘Managing processing and fishing together has been very successful this summer and the raw material has been excellent, with all of the finished products exported as top quality,’ Gardar Svavarsson said.

Production of frozen herring started in Vopnafjördur on the 18th of August and has been going well, according to pelagic sales manager Jón Helgason. 560 tonnes of frozen products were shipped on board freighter Silver River last week, with part of the cargo destined for Szczecin n Poland and the rest for Klaipeda in Lithuania. From there, these products are transported overland to the Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern European destinations.

‘We are very pleased with the production quality. The herring is on the fatty side, with the butterfly fillets having an 18% fat content and whole herring 20%, but fishing has been relatively close to Vopnafjördur and there has been no feed in the herring,’ Jón Helgason said.