FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Focus on training and quality

All of HB Grandi’s staff at the Reykjavík and Akranes processing plants are currently taking part in training courses alongside their normal work, taking in handling of raw material, hygiene and cleaning procedures. These courses, held in co-operation with research body Sýni, started last month and will continue through December.

According to HB Grandi quality control manager Bergur Einarsson, a total of 14 courses have been scheduled, of which three are being held in Akranes. There are 135 participating staff at the Reykjavík factory, with courses held in nine languages; Icelandic, English, Thai, Polish, Lithuanian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Portuguese and Tagalog. 40 staff are taking part in the courses at Akranes, which are run in Icelandic and Polish.
Each course covers the main points in fish processing, dealing with aspects of microbiology, cross-contamination, behaviour of and replication of micro-organisms, all with the emphasis firmly on good working practises, effective hygiene and cleaning procedures. At the same time, HB Grandi’s marketing team are running presentations of where the company’s main marketing areas are and the transport routes used to reach these markets. The processing plant managers are also taking to opportunity to present the new flow-line systems that will come into use in the New Year.

Later this month and in early January further courses will be run for fish processing staff in co-operation with the Fisheries Educational Board. 38 staff are expected to take part in these courses, which are in Icelandic, English and Lithuanian. These 40-hour, one week courses cover seafood as a marine resource, ergonomics in the workplace, health & safety, hygiene, the employment system, self-motivation, quality control in fish processing, products and markets, environmental factors and cultural issues.