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Capelin deep and dispersed

Things have been quiet since HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels sailed last Saturday for fishing grounds north of the westfjords. Fishing for capelin is restricted to purse seining in this area of the Icelandic EEZ and this has caused problems as the capelin are deep and dispersed in loose marks. This morning Ingunn AK had 430 tonnes on board and Lundey NS was back on fishing grounds after having docked in Ísafjördur for fishing gear repairs.

Ingunn’s and Lundey’s trip had actually begun on the 18th of November, but bad weather forced them to seek shelter in Ísafjördur where they stayed until Saturday. The following day Ingunn caught 250 tonnes and Lundey has 100 tonnes before the purse seine was damaged.

According to skipper Gudlaugur Jónsson on Ingunn, when we spoke to him this morning, both vessels were located around 60 nautical miles NNW of Straumnes.

‘There’s not a lot going on and we are able to scratch something together between dusk and dawn. The capelin we had last night was smaller than the previous night’s fish when we were seeing 37-40 pieces per kilo, which is good,’ he said, commenting that they plan to continue today and into the evening if the weather permits, but it is forecast to be rougher tomorrow. Tonight Ingunn will set course for Vopnafjördur, where the factory is ready to receive landing of the season.