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Frozen herring production starts at Vopnafjördur

HB Grandi’s frozen herring production began with a 120 tons landing delivered to the company’s Vopnafjördur plant by Ingunn AK last tuesday. The fish were of excellent quality and additional good news are that they were caught not far offshore and well within the Icelandic EEZ.

Ingunn was approximately 40 miles from Vopnafjördur when worsening weather brought the trip to an early end, hence the small landing.

‘This was exceptionally fine, large herring. This was processed as butterfly fillets, with the grades of fish over 400 grammes wholefrozen with an average weight of 436 grammes,’ commented the Vopnafjördur plant’s production manager Magnús Róbertsson, who said that production had gone well, even though a new weighing and in-feeding system was being taken into use just at that time. He said that normally it takes some time before a new system becomes fully familiar, but this good beginning promises better things to come.

A belt of bad weather passed over the whole of Iceland last week, keeping Ingunn AK and Lundey NS in port. Lundey had recently landed 800 tonnes of fish that went for meal production. HB Grandi’s third pelagic vessel, Faxi RE, earlirer this week landed 640 tonnes in Norway, of which 470 tonnes went for frozen herring production at Lödingen and 170 tonnes was sold for fishmeal production in Bodø.