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Weather stops herring fishing

Lundey NS is now on its way to Reykjavík after a short trip to Breidafjördur. According to chief mate Stefán Jónsson, no herring were to be seen and with a poor weather forecast for the next few days, the decision was taken to cut the trip short and wait for the weather to improve. The fishery inspector was put ashore at Grundarfjördur and then the course was set for Reykjavík.

The current forecast is for very poor weather and for storms up to the weekend. Stefán Geir said that there was no herring to be seen in catchable amounts in Breidafjördur or Grundarfjördur this morning and the sensible course was to tie up for a few days.

There was good fishing on herring in Breidafjördur last week and HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels took between 800 and 1000 tonnes in separate trips this last week. Apart from that, Faxi RE docked at Vopnafjördur last night with 900 tonnes on board. Ingunn AK is at Akranes and is due on the slipway this week. Lundey is steaming to Reykjavík, and Faxi and Lundey between them will take the rest of HB Grandi’s herring quota before the start of the capelin season. According to the Marine Research Institute’s recommendations, an initial 40,000 tonne quota is expected to fall to the HB Grandi fleet this time and there are hopes that the research phase in January will provide a basis for an increased quota, as has been the case in past years.