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Competition results announced tomorrow

The results of the competition over the artwork to be mounted at the south wall of the new HB Grandi cold store being built at the eastern side of the reclaimed grounds by the company’s Nordurgardur headquarters will be announced at 5PM tomorrow.

The artwork is expected to become a prominent landmark at the entrance to the old harbour and the diverse business district to the west, opposite the Harpa music venue. The art work will be visible over a wide area of the port district.

A preliminary selection was made last autumn from the initial 39 entries received and the unanimous decision of the judges was that Olga Bergmann, Ólöf Nordal, Rósa Gísladóttir and Thór Vigfússon should be selected to produce prototype proposals of their considered artworks. The deadline to submit passed on the 10th of April and since then the panel of judges, made up of three representatives from HB Grandi, two from the the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM) and one from Associated Icelandic Ports have examined the proposals and have selected the artwork that will grace the harbour area in future.
When the competition was announced last autumn, the guidelines stated that the artist or co-operating artists would be called on to create a work of art for the southern gable of the building, either a freestanding artwork or else a piece of work that could be linked to the wall an the open area on the building’s eastern side. The new cold store measures 3800m2, of which the east gable presents a 412m2 space and the open area in front is a 1300m2 space. This is envisaged as an open space with walkways, fishing points, benches and other facilities. The competition has held in accordance with the rules set out by the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists.

Guðný M. Magnúsdóttir is the representative of the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists. She is able to provide further information and can be contacted on and can be contacted on 892-3188/ .