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Western capelin migration off Breidafjördur?

There was some good fishing on capelin earlier today and there are half a dozen purse seiners active off Breidafjördur in western Iceland. This sparks hopes of a so-called western migration, as the females are full of roes and should be suitable for roe extraction. Before this capelin off Breidafjördur was located, fishing had been slow as the capelin that the fleet had followed westwards into Faxa Bay appears to have spawned.

This morning there were seven pelagic boats that had been searching of Gardsskagi and south of Grindavík on their way to Breidafjördur. HB Grandi’s Faxi RE is one of these and is expected on the fishing grounds around 1500 today.

‘We were off Gardsskagi and there was some capelin yesterday, but we saw nothing this morning. We heard the same from the other boats that were fishing south of Grindavík that there was nothing to be seen this morning. But the news from Breidafjördur means that we can hope for a western migration and that’s what would be indicated by roe females in the catch,’ Faxi’s skipper Albert Sveinsson said.

HB Grandi’s pelagic fleet is dispersed today. Lundey NS is off Breidafjördur, Ingunn AK is alongside at Akranes and Víkingur AK of off Langanes, steaming home after landing its fish at Vopnafjördur.