FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good fishing so far this year

‘Catches have been fairly slow for this trip, but otherwise fishing has been good so far this year for freshers. We have had more time in port this year due to weather compared to the past few years and we have also had to dodge through until the worst of the weather has passed,’ said Fridleifur Einarsson, skipper of fresher trawler Ásbjörn RE when we spoke to him earlier today when he was fishing south-west of the Reykjanes peninsula.

Three other HB Grandi trawlers, freezers Örfirisey RE and Höfrungur III AK, and fresher Ottó N Thorláksson, were also fishing close by. 

Fridleifur said that their present trip started at midday on Tuesday.

‘The catch so far has been almost entirely golden redfish, but we havn´t seen saithe on the ground. Catches are very variable and range from practically nothing up to seven tonnes in a haul. But this is the time of the year when fishing on redfish should start to get busy, and we’re also looking forward to the weather improving. There was a storm still blowing when we sailed but it’s dropping away now with the wind down to 13-15m/sec,’ he said, adding that it is still uncertain when they are expected to dock for landing. This could be on Saturday, or the trip could even be stretched as far as Monday.