FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Graduation party at Nordurgardur

A graduation party for HB Grandi staff who have spent time this winter studying Icelandic and vocational training was held last week at the company’s headquarters at Nordurgardur in Reykjavík.

According to training co-ordinator Bergur Einarsson, these courses have been highly popular with staff. He said that the Icelandic course that HB Grandi held in co-operation with Iceland’s Intercultural Centre was attended by 25 employees from 10 nations – Vietnam, Thailand, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Morocco, the Philippines, China and Poland. The vocational training was attended by 37 staff from 14 countries. As well as the local staff and those already mentioned, attendees came from a diverse backgrounds including Mexico, Ghana and Kosovo. At the end of the course, each of those attending was presented with a completion certificate.

The aim of HB Grandi’s vocational training in fish processing is to widen the staff’s knowledge of and understanding of the principles behind seafood processing procedures and methods, and to make them more effective in their work. Each course consists of 40 hours of teaching and these cover all of the main areas of their work as laid down by the training committee for the seafood industry. On completion of vocational training, those attending are moved up two pay grades.