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Helga María on schedule

It’s now a month since HB Grandi’s freezer trawler Helga María arrived at the Alkor shipyard at Gdansk in Poland. As we have already reported, the decision was taken to refit the trawler to operate as a fresher trawler. According to marine superintendent Gísli Jónmundsson, progress is on schedule and the work is expected to be finished by the 12th of October.

‘The ship has been drydocked and the refrigerated fishroom is being removed, along with compressors and other equipment related to freezing at sea. The freezing compressor space is being converted to expand the fishroom and at the moment the concrete floor in the refrigerated fishroom is being broken up. This will be replaced by a new and more suitable steel deck in the chilled fishroom, which will also be cladded and insulated,’ he said.

In addition to the conversion work to transform the ship into a fresher, the opportunity will also be used to carry out repairs and maintenance, and Helga María will be sandblasted and painted at the same time. The removed equipment, which can be used for spare parts elsewhere, will be brought home when Helga María returns to Iceland.

As well as Gísli Jónmundsson, who is on the HB Grandi staff and is monitoring the work being carried out, the company’s former fleet manager, Rúnar Thór Stefánsson, has also been closely involved with preparation and has been present at the yard in Poland during the refit.