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HB Grandi has signed a contract for the construction of three wetfish trawlers


Last Friday 29.8.2014, agreements for construction of three wetfish trawlers where signed at the office of HB Grandi. The contracts amount is EUR 43.950.000 EUR or close to ISK 6,8 billion. The plan is that the first ship will be delivered in May 2016, the second late in the year 2016 and the third in spring 2017.

The new ships will replace three current wetfish trawlers, Ásbjörn RE, Ottó N. Þorláksson RE and Sturlaugur  H. Böðvarsson AK. The new ships will be more economical, catch handling and utilization of the fish will be  better, more operational security and lower fuel and maintenance cost.

It is the Turkish ship building company Celictrans Deniz Ltd. Sti., Tuzla that will manage the costruction. The company is currently building two pelagic ships for HB Grandi.

The design of the ships is performed by Nautic ehf., Lágmúla 5, Reykjavík.

See also news at HB Grandi homepage 24.6.2014 where decision  is reported  to enter  into negotiations on the construction of wetfish trawlers.


After signing of the contracts. From left: Torfi Þorsteinsson, Department Manager Groundfish, Loftur B. Gíslason, Fresh Fish Trawlers Manager, Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, Chief Executive Officer , Alfreð Tulinius, Nautic ehf., Kristján Loftsson, Chairman, Ahmet Ötkür, Chairman of  Celiktrans, Volkan Urun, framkvæmdastjóri Celiktrans, Magnús Helgi Árnason, Lawyer and Jónas Guðbjörnsson, Financial Manager.