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Two good capelin shots

The crew of Faxi RE did well with two excellent shots of their deep capelin purse seine yesterday. They were fishing on the bank around 35 nautical miles east of Hvalbak and according to skipper Albert Sveinsson all the signs were there for capelin, as well as some of the fish already making its way into the shallows.

‘We took 500 tonnes in the first shot and the capelin were at around 25 fathoms. We had seen capelin even shallower, but more dispersed and over a bottom we couldn’t shoot our gear on,’ he said when we spoke to him around midday yesterday when the second shot had been pursed and the gear was being hauled, with a decent amount in the bag, he said.

‘It looks to me like this will be enough to give us a good amount for the factory at Vopnafjördur,’ Albert Sveinsson said, and he expected to steam eight or nine hours from fishing grounds to dock late that night.

HB Grandi’s other pelagic vessels are also busy, with Ingunn AK having left Reykjavík for fishing grounds after having taken its shallow purse seine on board, while Lundey NS has sailed from Vopnafjördur after landing its last trip.