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World's most important seafood exhibition



comments HB Grandi Marketing Manager Svavar Svavarsson about ESE 2008 in Brussels


'The European Seafood Exposition in Brussels is the largest of its kind and attracts buyers from every corner of the world. Other exhibitions don't come anywhere near Brussels and our experience of the ESE has been excellent,' says HB Grandi Marketing Manager Svavar Svavarsson, who is one of those manning the stand during this year's event.


He sees Brussels as a vital platform for presenting HB Grandi as a major producer and exporter of seafood products. It is only a few years since the company took the step of running its own marketing in house instead of using external marketing bodies to handle this. He explains that following this change of direction, it has taken a while to establish HB Grandi on overseas markets as an independent seafood exporter.


'We are satisfied with the progress we have made on this and much of our work is centred around maintaining and strengthening the links we have already established on markets that are both close to home and in more distant parts of the world. Seeking out new markets for what we produce is also an important element of our work and Brussels is a great platform for this. In the past, the ESE has been where we have been able to make new business contacts and we expect that this year's exhibition will bring us even more,' Svavar Svavarsson says.