FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Very successful first trip

‘We’re completely satisfied and all the equipment on board worked beyond expectations. There were a few minor problems, as always, but nothing to worry about,’ said Eiríkur Ragnarsson, skipper of Helga María AK when the ship docked in Reykjavík after the first trip as a fresher trawler.

The trip started on Friday night and the plan was to steam to grounds south-west of Iceland to search for redfish and saithe, but as the weather was bad for the whole trip, this put the Reykjanes grounds out
of reach.

‘We were mostly fishing off Snæfellsnes. Wind speeds were from 20 and up to 25m/sec, but the sea conditions in the lee of the glacier were better than they were further off. We were on the ’Landing Strip’ which extends in as far as four miles and the fishing was fine. This was a sixty tonne trip, mostly redfish, and towards the end of the trip the weather improved so we were able to search deeper,’ he said.

He commented that the chiller and grading systems all functioned very well, and the problems were in the reception pounds with fish falling off the conveyors while the ship rolled heavily in the trip’s heavy weather.

‘It’s not something that’s a problem to fix. We could need to add an extra conveyor in the fishroom, but apart from that, everything went like clockwork,’ Eiríkur Ragnarsson said. For this trip Helga María had a larger than usual complement on board with technicians from Marel and 3X along to check and monitor the equipment. This is now a very short stopover for Helga María, which is due back at sea tomorrow and scheduled to land again next Wednesday.