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Bad weather keeps fleet off capelin

There are now four pelagic vessels off Snæfellsnes, where crews are waiting for a sharp northerly winds to moderate and there hasn’t been fishing weather in Breidafjördur since yesterday. One of those waiting for the storm to blow itself out is Lundey NS, and according to skipper Arnthór Hjörleifsson, the wind speed is around 25m/s, with heavy seas.

‘We have done fairly well, but we need another 400 tonnes for a full trip. If we get that, then I reckon that the season will be over for the HB Grandi fleet,’ he said, when we spoke to him at midday with Lundey steaming to an area south of the Snæfellsnes peninsula where weather conditions are better and one purse seiner was reported to be fishing.

‘There are a few small marks south of the point that they have been able to fish on, and we might be able to get some male capelin, even if we have to do without the females. On the other hand, we can’t complain over the fish that we already have. Most of it is capelin that is perfect for roe production,’ Arnthór Hjörleifsson said.

Many of the pelagic vessels left the Breidafjördur grounds yesterday and steamed for home or a landing port, including Ingunn AK and Víkingur AK. Ingunn is expected at Vopnafjördur around midnight tonight, with Víkingur following tomorrow morning. Roe capelin landed by Faxi RE is going through production at the Akranes factory.