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Setback doesn’t stop herring fishing

‘We’re pumping herring out of the purse seine right now. There was some damage to the gear, but we still had an excellent shot of herring. We’ll work on fixing the damage and hopefully we’ll be able to carry on fishing,’ said Albert Sveinsson, skipper of Faxi RE when we spoke to him earlier today while Faxi was in Grundarfjördur.

Albert Sveinsson said that they arrived on the fishing grounds this morning and immediately saw some good herring marks.

‘There was plenty to see right away but the herring spread themselves out quickly and now there are just small patches here and there in the fjord. We took two shots this morning, with 130 tonnes the first time and nothing in the next shot, even though we shot on a strong mark. It’s not easy to tell with this third shot, but it looks like it won’t be enough to get the trip’s quota of 800 to 900 tonnes,’ he said.

Lundey NS is due alongside at Vopnafjördur tonight with around 900 tonnes on board and chief mate Stefán Geir Jónsson said that this herring had been caught Kolgrafarfjördur, inside of Grundarfjördur, as well as in Grundarfjördur itself.

Due to an unfavourable forecast and bad weather at the end of last week, the herring fishery came to a stop for a week. There is not a great deal left of the HB Grandi quota on Icelandic summer spawning herring and the fishery is expected to come to an end next week.