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Ingunn lands 850 tonnes of herring in Norway

This morning Ingunn AK began landing 850 tonnes of herring at Værøy in northern Norway after arriving in port yesterday. Processing company Lofoten Viking bid at auction for Ingunn’s catch, all of which is being processed for human consumption.

According to Róbert Axelsson, Ingunn’s chief mate and relief skipper, they expect to have completed landing by tomorrow morning and will be steaming back to fishing grounds in Norwegian waters again by the afternoon.

Ingunn has been fishing in international and Norwegian waters recently, while one of HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels, Lundey NS, is now back in port and will be joining Faxi RE on home herring grounds tonight

According to Róbert Axelsson, the last trip went very well and the whole catch was taken in six hauls over a 24 hour period.

‘We were fishing around 140 nautical miles north-west of Tromsø. The herring is good quality fish with an average weight of 353 grammes. Our average price has been 2.77 NoK per kilo, or around 53 Isl Kr per kilo, according to today’s exchange rate. Prices have been dropping as there has been plenty of herring landed in the last few days. We had to wait a day in port to discharge,’ Róbert Axelsson said. He commented that HB Grandi now has between 400 and 500 tonnes of its herring quota in Norwegian waters left. This is enough for one more trip before they steam back to Iceland.