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Production back on track at Vopnafjördur

Herring production got underway at HB Grandi’s pelagic factory in Vopnafjördur on Saturday night after a three week break. According to factory manager Magnús Róbertsson, Ingunn AK docked at Vopnafjördur with around 1050 tonnes on board shortly before midnight and it wasn’t long before production was able to start.

‘All of the fish is produced as butterfly fillets and we finished Ingunn’s fish early this morning. Now we’re waiting for the next landing,’ he said, adding that Ingunn’s landing was the third load of Icelandic summer spawning herring to be landed at Vopnafjördur this season.

The season so far in Breidafjördur, where the herring have been staying these last few winters, has not been an easy one. HB Grandi’s vessels started fishing in late October, but prolonged bad weather well into November has meant that they have been tied up for days on end. By the time fishing started again, it seemed the herring had moved on from the shallows off Stykkishólmur. Over the last few days the fishing has been further inside Breidafjördur, in particular in Urthvalafjördur and Kolgrafafjördur, and now several boats are fishing in Grundarfjördur, including Faxi RE. Ingunn is now steaming back to fishing grounds and Lundey NS is on its way eastwards with 300 tonnes on board.