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Herring show up strong in Grundarfjördur

‘The fishing has been very changeable. The first day we had nothing. Then 400 tonnes the next day and nothing on tuesday, but yesterday the fishing has been very good. We had two shots in Grundarfjördur that gave us 700 tonnes, of which we were able to give 100 tonnes away to other vessels. We have 1000 tonnes on board and expect to be in Vopnafjördur tonight,’ said Faxi RE’s skipper Albert Sveinsson when we spoke to him when their fishing was already finished and course set for Vopnafjördur.

He said that they arrived on the fishing ground on Sunday and started searching for catchable quantities of herring in Urthvalafjördur and Kolgrafafjördur.

‘We didn’t see any decent marks until Monday when we had 400 tonnes in Kolgrafafjördur. On tuesday we were in Grundarfjördur, where there were no herring to be seen. It probably wouldn’t have been worth trying even if the fish had been there, as the weather was atrocious all day. But this yesterday morning there was perfect weather and no wind, good marks and plenty of fish,’ Albert Sveinsson said.

As Faxi steamed away from Grundarfjördur, there were four vessels still fishing and one other in addition to Faxi on its way to land. There are reported to have been marks in the sounds off Stykkishólmur yesterday, and this has been the main fishing area in recent years. Skippers have also tried for herring in the Breidamerkur Deeps off the east coast, but herring caught there have been smaller, so far, at least.