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Capelin quota in the bag

Faxi RE is now steaming to Akranes with the last 700 tonnes of this year’s quota on board, caught over 24 hours off Svörtuloft just west of Snæfellsnes, bringing HB Grandi’s capelin season to an end.

According to Faxi’s skipper Albert Sveinsson, no fewer than 15-16 shots were needed to catch these last few tonnes.

‘We were on the fishing grounds yesterday morning and let’s say that we had to work pretty hard for this fish. Some shots were completely empty and the best one was 160 tonnes. This was mostly male fish and females that had spawned, and there was no roe capelin to be seen,’ he said, and said that with this trip he expects the season to be over.

 Faxi was the only purse seiner on the fishing grounds today and there are no reports of any others on the way.

HB Grandi operated three pelagic vessels, Faxi, Ingunn AK and Lundey NS, for the first part of the season this winter, and once the quota had been increased, Víkingur AK joined the fleet as well. Now the crews get a very welcome Easter break, and according to HB Grandi CEO Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, the intention is to make a start on the blue whiting fishery in early April. By that time it is expected that the blue whiting will have migrated north into Faroese waters.