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High-tech production line ready for next year

HB Grandi has gone to Marel to supply a new, high-tech production line. This will be installed at the company's Nordurgardur factory in Reykjavík and is expected to be ready for use early in the New Year.

This is a 24-workstation trimming line with a new two-channel portion cutting machine in addition to the three machines already in use. This will bring about a significant increase in portion production.

According to production manager Torfi Th Thorsteinsson, the company is replacing the existing 13-year old Marel production line, in the process increasing production capacity and improving usage.

Four QC M6000 quality control stations will be installed as part of the package, making it possible to make all of the company's quality control systems electronic, while also making access to quality control data more straightforward.

HB Grandi has a strong and longstanding relationship with Marel over the years and this latest contract is the most recent result of this excellent co-operation.