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Much more mackerel than herring

‘We’re on the last tow of the trip and I’m hoping for around a hundred tonnes. That’ll give us 450 tonnes, which is just right for the shore production at Vopnafjördur,’ Faxi’s skipper Albert Sveinsson said when we spoke to him this afternoon while Faxi was located on fishing grounds deep east of Hornafjördur.

He said that they had started fishing yesterday morning with a haul in the Seydisfjördur Deeps. The result was around 70 tonnes of mainly clean herring,but with few marks to be seen in the area, a new course was set along the east coast for an area deep off Hornafjördur.

‘There’s a good few boats fishing here and catches have been reasonable. But here there’s a lot more mackerel than herring and I have heard from other skippers that the proportion of herring in their catches has been as low as 20%. The grades of fish are very mixed, but they look to be fine for production,’ Albert Sveinsson said, and estimated a 12 to 13 hour steam to reach Vopnafjördur from the fishing grounds.