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HB Grandi and Huginn in mackerel research trip

HB Grandi’s CEO,  Eggert Benedikt Gudmundsson, took his family to the Westmann Islands for the August bank holiday weekend. During the long weekend, Páll Gudmundsson, managing director of fishing company Huginn invited them for a trip around the islands in a RIB.

On the way to the caves at Dalfjall, not far from the valley at Herjólfsdalur, they steamed through a shoal of feeding mackerel on the surface. Eggert Gudmundsson took the attached picture of the mackerel and reports that the feeding frenzy was such that they could be touched just by putting a hand in the water. Footage of this can be seen on YouTube (video 1 and 2).

‘We weren’t able to fish any mackerel this trip, as this is now only permitted as a by-catch with Atlanto-Scandian herring,’ Eggert Benedikt Gudmundsson said afterwards.