FréttirSkrá á póstlista


One long bout of heavy weather

‘What’s certain about this trip was that it was one long bout of heavy weather. We were able to fish when the weather moderated, and in reality the overall catch was far more than we could have hoped for. We had a green weight of 980 tonnes, and discharged 400 tonnes in a half-landing in Reykjavík after the first part of the trip,’ said skipper Thór Thórarinsson of Brim’s freezer trawler Örfirisey when he and his crew docked in Reykjavík yesterday after around a month at sea.

There was stormy weather for the whole time, plus there was a breakdown north of the Westfjords and Örfirisey was alongside in Ísafjörður for three days while it was repaired.

‘We couldn’t fish on Westfjords grounds at the start of the trip. So we started south of Reykjanes. Fishing was decent in spite of the weather and we had mainly saithe, deep redfish and golden redfish. The half landing was in Reykjavík on 10th October, and after that we went back to the south-western grounds. There was a good showing of saithe on the Mountains for two days, and then the fishing died away and it was time to head northwards to the Westfjords grounds,’ he said, adding that they began on the Kópanesgrunn area west of the Westfjords.

‘We towed north-east along the bank all the way to the Hali grounds. There was good fishing along the bank, with some fine, large saithe. But there wasn’t much on the Hali grounds. We towed eastwards along the Djúpáll gully, and that’s when we had the breakdown, with even worse weather forecast. Vigri towed us to Ísafjörður and we sat out the storm while the repair was carried out.’

Once the work had been done, the next stop was the Reykjafjörður Gully, where there was some good fishing for haddock.

‘From there we headed to the Thveráll Gully where there had been good fishing for cod for a few days, but that was all over by the time we arrived. The forecast for the Westfjords was terrible for the coming days, so there was nothing for it but to head back south to finish the trip there,’ Thór Thórarinsson said.