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Akurey lands in Neskaupstaður

Brim’s fresher trawler Akurey docked in Norðfjörður Yesterday morning with around 60 tonnes of mostly cod on board, and the catch was discharged in Neskaupstaður the same day.

According to skipper Magnús Kristjánsson, Akurey sailed from Sauðárkrókur at the beginning of the week and has been fishing recently off the north coast. Now fishing has slowed down on northern grounds and Magnús and his crew headed eastwards to search for fish.

‘We have been fishing mostly off Digranesflak and around there, so we searched for fish over a wide area,’ he said.
There has been extremely poor weather on east coast fishing grounds, as well as off the north and west coasts over the last few days and Akurey has been through the worst of the weather.

‘Things are calmer now and we’re sailing later today. It’s difficult to say where we’ll be heading next. The only thing that’s certain is that we won’t be going south. We’ll start by searching here in the east and expect to work our way westwards along the north coast,’ Magnús Kristjánsson said.