FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Saithe still scarce

‘It’s been a fine trip and we’re happy with the results. Our green weight catch for the trip is between 1000 and 1100 tonnes, and the weather was kind to us the whole time,’ said Thór Thórarinsson, who has been skipper of Brim’s factory trawler Örfirisey for its most recent trip, which ended on Friday.

He said that the trip started by searching for saithe in concentrations high enough to fish for on the Mountain grounds west of Reykjanes.

‘We managed to find some saithe, but in general there isn’t much saithe on fishing grounds right now,’ he said, adding that the next stop was the Skerja Deeps.

‘There was a strong showing of deep redfish in the Skerja Deeps, which is unusual for the time of year, and we did well there. We were alongside in Reykjavík for a half landing 13 days into the trip, and from there we headed for the Westfjords grounds. As before, we were mainly looking for saithe, plus we also had some of our cod and haddock quotas left. Saithe aren’t easy to find and I don’t think there’s a lot of it there. So the catch off the west coast was mainly cod and haddock.’

After a few days on Westfjords grounds, Thór decided to try again for saithe on the Mountains.

‘There wasn’t much saithe, but we had a good amount of golden redfish. Towards the end I went back to the Skerja Deeps. There was a little deep redfish to be seen, but nothing like what we had been seeing at the beginning of the trip,’ he said.

It has been a busy summer for Örfirisey, including fishing in the Barents Sea.

‘I wasn’t on board for the Barents Sea trip, but I gather the fishing this year has been poorer than in previous summers. We still have some quota left, so it’s likely we’ll go there to catch what’s left of it in the autumn,’ Thór Thórarinsson said.