FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Redfish everywhere

Brim’s factory trawler Höfrungur III AK is alongside in Reykjavík after a successful trip. According to Friðrik Ingason, who was skipper for this trip, the catch is a green weight of 800 tonnes, caught on south-west and Westfjords fishing grounds.

‘We had some excellent haddock on the Látragrunn grounds, without seeing much cod or other other species there. This was almost clean haddock and sometimes we didn’t need to tow for more than 10-15 minutes for a good haul. There was a lot of golden redfish to be seen when we got to the Hali grounds, but we were able to work our way around it to catch cod and haddock,’ he said, adding that the volumes of redfish there have been enough to force much of the fleet away from the Hali area. Off Barðinn, outside the Hali region, there has been decent fishing for cod and Greenland halibut.

The second half of the trip was spent off the south-west.

‘We did well on deep redfish in the Skerja Deeps and had one really good day there. There had been others fishing well there for a while ahead of us and we’re satisfied with the results, even though we only caught the tail end of the good fishing there. We spent some time on the Mountains and like everywhere else, there was golden redfish there to hold us up. All the same, we were able to get a respectable amount of saithe. This was done mainly by towing at night to fish clean saithe and avoid the redfish,’ Friðrik Ingason said.