FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Heavy influx of redfish on the Hali grounds

Brim’s fresher trawler Akurey docked in Reykjavík yesterday with around 170 tonnes on board. This is roughly the same catch as in the previous trip, and skipper Eiríkur Jónsson is happy with catch rates on Wesfjords grounds so far this summer.

‘We started in the Nes Deep and then shifted northwards to the Barðagrunn areas and finished up on the Hali grounds. Last summer the fish migrated eastwards from these fishing grounds and we can see that the fish are leaving the banks now. On the other hand, there’s plenty of life on coastal grounds. We’ve seen decent amounts of sandeel and the fish prey on these,’ he said, adding that this trip’s catch has been mainly cod, haddock and plaice.

According to Eiríkur Jónsson, it’s not easy to fish on the Hali grounds at the moment as large volumes of redfish are to be found everywhere. With the quota year approaching its end, many fishing vessels have little remaining redfish quota, so a heavy influx of redfish causes them difficulties.

‘It looks to me like the fish are going to be shifting eastwards this summer, as they have done in the last few years. The Thveráll Gully seems to be coming to life and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the same happens on the Strandagrunn and Skagagrunn areas,’ Eiríkur Jónsson said.