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Brim’s Annual and Sustainability report published in English for the first time

Brim has today published its Annual and Sustainability report in English for the first time.

The publication of an English version is a part of broadening and strenghening the company’s communication with those interested in the company's operation; shareholders, collaborators, the general public and others.

Brims’ joint Annual and Sustainability report was published for the first time earlier this year and covers both the company's financial operations and social responsibility aspects. For the past four years, Brim has publically accounted for non-financial aspects of its operations, as part of the company’s increasing focus on sustainability and environmental issues as part of the company's daily operations as well as vision for the future.

Information on the non-financial aspects of the operation is prepared in accordance with the GRI Standard (Global Reporting Initiative GRI100-400). and Nasdaq’s UFS guidelines.

Brim has a leading role in social responsibility and places great emphasis on environmental issues and innovation. The company has established a clear human resources policy with an emphasis on equality, safety and working conditions for employees. When recruiting, emphasis is placed on hiring qualified, reliable and performance-oriented individuals.

The report is open to everyone and accessible on Brims' website at