FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good fishing for saithe and deep redfish

Brim’s factory trawler Vigri is back at sea after landing in Reykjavík this week. The catch for the trip was a green weight of 1100 tonnes, and there was a mid-trip half-landing.

According to skipper Árni Gunnólfsson the catch was mainly saithe and deep redfish.

‘We started on the Eldey Bank and did well on saithe on the lava grounds there. Then we shifted to the Skerja Deeps. Fishing was good there for deep redfish, and we had a day and a half of exceptionally good catches,’ he said, commenting that from there Vigri called at the Little Bank, the Tiny Bank and the Matthildur grounds.

‘There has been fish to be had everywhere and we did particularly well on deep redfish at Matthildur,’ he said, referring to an area south-west of Melsekkur and the Mountains.

Árni Gunnólfsson said that the toughest challenge has been to avoid species such as haddock which are to be found everywhere. While there is a huge volume of golden redfish to be seen, and although the quota situation for that is more generous than for haddock, the markets decide what the preferred target species are at any one time.

‘We’re getting into that time of year when there are all kinds of closures of fishing grounds off the south, but on the other hand, fishing off the Westfjords should start to pick up,’ he said.