FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Scarce saithe

‘There has been more or less constant rough weather the whole trip and it’s been heavy going. But we managed some spells of good fishing, although the saithe that we are chiefly searching for has been scarce both down south and on the Westfjords grounds,’ said Höfrungur III’s skipper Friðrik Ingason, just as there were only a few miles to go before docking in Reykjavík.

Bunkers were scheduled for 1400, and discharging frozen production starts at 0600 tomorrow.

‘We didn’t even sail until the middle of January, and started the trip by taking a look at the Víkuráll Gully. From there we shifted to the Hampiðjan Square where there was cod and some Greenland halibut. Then we moved to the north and east. There was practically nothing but haddock to be seen on the Hali and Deildargrunn grounds. We started to see a showing of cod in the Hali area, but saithe were nowhere to be seen. While we were off the Westfjords we heard reports of a showing of saithe on the Reykjanesgrunn and the Toe, so that’s where we went,’ he said.
Sadly, the saithe had already made themselves scarce by the time Höfrungur III made it there.

‘We stayed on the same grounds, and we looked for some deep redfish in the Skerja Deeps. The overall catch for the trip totals 650 tonnes, and that’s not so bad, taking the circumstances into consideration,’ Friðrik Ingason said.