FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Last trip of the year to the Skerja Deeps and east coast

Factory trawler Örfirisey is on the way home after a relatively short trip of just nineteen days at sea. According to this trip’s skipper, Thór Thórarinsson, the catch is a green weight of 560 tonnes.

‘We began the trip in the Skerja Deeps and to start with there was some decent fishing. Then some trawlers that would usually have been working on Westfjords grounds turned up and that added to the fishing pressure, so the deep redfish vanished and the only option was to try elsewhere,’ he said, commenting that the Westfjords fishing grounds have been off limits for the last couple of weeks due to heavy weather.

‘So we headed for the comfortable conditions off the east coast and have been mostly fishing on the Foot and the Little Deeps. There was some steady fishing for cod, and some haddock right at the end.’

He said that they didn’t spend many days fishing off the east coast, and he expects to dock in Reykjavík at 2300 tonight.
‘It’ll be good to have a whole day ashore before Christmas kicks off,’ Thór Thórarinsson said.