FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Fishing through one storm after another

Fresher trawler Viðey docked in Reykjavík this morning with 120 tonnes on board. Viðey’s trip was on Westfjords fishing grounds off the north-west of Iceland and recurring heavy weather over a long period has presented challenging conditions.

‘We started the trip off the north-west. There was cod on the Strandagrunn grounds, but the weather was wild. When the fishing slowed down we moved further west and didn’t stop fishing until we were east of the Víkuráll Gully. We were getting almost clean cod, but it’s difficult to assess the situation when there’s a storm blowing day after day. It’s not even as if there’s much of a break between one storm and the next. It’s more accurate to say the the wind drops a little in between the worst of the weather,’ said Viðey’s skipper Jóhannes Ellert Eiríksson (Elli).

He added that under these conditions towing two trawls was out of the question.

‘Just working one trawl was enough to cope with, and it’s only the fact that the ship handles so well that we were able to fish at all. Most of the time we were working alone as all the others headed for shallower waters closer in,‘ he said.

Viðey isn’t staying long at the Reykjavík quayside and is sailing tonight, scheduled to be back in port on 23rd December.