FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Heading for southern grounds

Yesterday Brim’s factory trawler Höfrungur III was fishing on the bank to the north of Patreksfjörður, and skipper Haraldur Árnason reports that fishing is reasonable, with hauls of five to six tonnes.

‘We started here last night and it looks like we won’t be staying long. There’s some heavy weather forecast for tonight and the same for tomorrow. We’ll probably have to run southwards and I expect we’ll find ourselves trying for deep redfish in the Skerja Deeps in the next few days.’

Höfrungur III is twelve days into its trip, and the previous trip’s catch was a green weight of 725 tonnes.

‘Right now we’re after anything but cod. We spent some time in the Reykjafjörður Gully, where there was almost 48 hours of fine fishing for haddock, and also on the Strandagrunn grounds. There’s been plenty of rough weather, but the last few days have been fine. There has been some fishing for cod in the Thverálshorn area and on the Strandagrunn, but the Hali grounds have been unusually bare. There’s not much saithe – in fact it hasn’t been    easy to find saithe.’

Haraldur Árnason commented that he doesn’t have much by the way of news of catches on southern grounds, but the forecast for the Westfjords is the reason for heading southwards.