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Good fishing – when the weather gives us a chance

‘We’re making steady progress. The problem is that the weather has been terrible all through this trip. There have been a few breaks between storms, and that’s when we’re able to fish well,’ said Árni Gunnólfsson, skipper of freezer trawler Vigri. He and his crew was ten days into this trip when we spoke to him last Saturday.

‘We have mainly been looking for redfish and saithe. We made a start on the deep redfish grounds in the Skerja Deeps, but there wasn’t much to be had there and the weather was bad. We shifted to the Reykjanes Shallows but conditions there were just as bad. So the weather pushed us northwards to the Jökull Deeps, calling on the Mountains on the way, and now we’re fishing in the area known as the Airstrip. Here there’s just golden redfish and from the forecast for the week it looks like there’ll be a chance to try for saithe again off the south-west,’ he said.

He said that they have a green weight of 270 tonnes of fish so far. There could be a half landing next week, depending mostly on the catch rate.

‘It looks like the worst is behind us, for the moment, and we could have decent fishing weather through to Tuesday night.That’ll make a change after ten days of non-stop heavy weather,’ Árni Gunnólfsson said.