FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Fine fishing for cod off east coast

‘We have been here off the east coast for a week and catches have been pretty good. There’s very good cod, three to four kilo fish, and there’s been some decent fishing for haddock with it,’ said Haraldur Árnason, skipper of freezer trawler Höfrungur III when we spoke to him.

He said that there is plenty of life on east coast grounds, and it’s clear that the cod is chasing the herring that there’s plenty of in these east coast waters.

Höfrungur III was around 45 nautical miles offshore, on the bank off the Glettinaganes shallows. There has been a large number of vessels looking for cod and further off are a few Faroese fishing vessels, probably looking for herring, and to the south are Icelandic pelagic boats fishing for blue whiting.

‘We started this trip on Westfjords fishing grounds where there was no cod and not much saithe. So we headed eastwards and have been here ever since. We went south as far as the Skrúður shallows and there was a good showing of haddock there that lasted a day and a night. That’s the way it goes. Up one day and down the next. You just have to take what you’re given,’ Haraldur Árnason said.