FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Örfirisey heads for the slipway

Freezer trawler Örfirisey docked in Reykjavík yesterday after a standard trip for a green weight catch of 1000 tonnes. Now Örfirisey will take a break from fishing to spend the next month on the slipway for an overhaul.

‘This was a steady trip,’ said Thór Thórarinsson, who was skipper for this trip.

He commented that the trip started off in the Skerja Deeps to search for deep redfish.

‘But there isn’t a lot of deep redfish to be found at this time of year, so we headed northwards to the Westfjords grounds. There was limited cod on the Hali grounds and we moved on to the Thveráll Gully. We did better there on cod.’

According to Thór Thórarinsson, they docked for a half-landing on 11th September in Reykjavík and then headed back to the Skerja Deeps.

‘The catch rate wasn’t anything special, but we kept going and overall we’re satisfied with the trip,’ he said.

Örfirisey is now on the slipway for a main engine overhaul, paint job and general maintenance which is expected to take a month.