FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Quiet on the fishing grounds

‘We have been mostly fishing off the north coast and on Westfjords grounds, and fishing is very quiet. There’s the occasional spell of good fishing and it’s as well to be here, because it doesn’t last long when it pops up, and things go quiet again pretty soon,’ said fresher trawler Helga María’s skipper Friðleifur Einarsson. 

He was fishing on the Sporðagrunn grounds when we caught up with him earlier today.

‘We were alongside in Sauðárkrókur yesterday and landed 100 tonnes, the result of three to four days’ fishing. We are due to land again on Sunday, but I doubt we’ll manage more than three – maybe four – days’ fishing. There’s a storm forecast for the next 48 hours and there’s no telling how it will affect the fishing. Looking at the forecast now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we need to move further to the east.’

Fishing has been slow off the Westfjords, although he said they spent the last trip there on the Hali grounds.

‘Fishing was good enough to justify sticking there in the Hali area, but no better than that. It’s much the same situation here on the Sporðagrunn area. When there’s a burst of good fishing, it really makes a difference,’ Friðleifur Einarsson said.